Introduction: The Song of Roland

Video: Roland de Roncevaux: From History to Legend

Video: Charlemagne and the Carolingian Revival

Web Links

“Charlemagne Legend”, Encyclopedia Britannica

“Crusades”, Encyclopedia Britannica

“Charlemagne”, Encyclopedia Britannica

“Selected Sources: The Carolingians and After”, The Internet Medieval Sourcebook

“Selected Sources: The Crusades”, The Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Sequence One: Conquests

Video: Cities of Light – The Rise & Fall of Islamic Spain

Video: Islamic Spain – The Ornament of the World

Video: Cities of Light -Different Faith Collaborate

Web Links

“Reconquista”, Encyclopedia Britannica

Sequence Two: Convivencia

Video: Lamma Bada – Example of Muwashshah

Video: The Golden Age of Spanish Jewry

Video: Hear Voices from Old Cairo: Maimonides

Video: Samuel Ha-Nagid – A Prince of Jews

Podcast: Averroes

Podcast: Maimonides

Web Links

The School of Translators of Toledo

Al-Andalus: Mozarabs

The Great Mosque of Cordoba

Historic Centre of Cordoba

Ibn Shaprut

Letters between Rabbi Hasdai and Joseph, King of the Khazars

Ibn Rushd (Averroes )

Yehuda Halev i

Judah ha-Levi

Moses Maimonides

Samuel ha-Nagid

Ibn Arabi

The Poetry of Ibn Arabi

El Cid: Brief Biography

Cantar de mio Cid

Alfonso VI

11th Century al-Andalus: Almoravids

Sequence Three: Expulsions

Podcast: The Spanish Inquisition (15 minute History)

Video: Ferdinand and Isabella: The Unification of Spain

The Expulsion from Spain, 1492 CE Jewish History Sourcebook

“Catholic Monarchs” Encyclopedia Britannica

“Edict of the Expulsion of the Jews” trans. Edward Peters

“500 Years After Expulsion, Spain Reaches Out to Jews” The New York Times

“From Mudejar to Morisco, Muslim to Christian” Spain Then and Now