Sequence 1: Conquests

Subject Area: Social Studies, History, Critical Inquiry, Anti-Discrimination Education

Level: Grade 10-1

Duration: Three 50 minute class periods

Learning Outcomes:

Students will understand the following:

  1. How historical storytelling affects how we remember certain categories of people
  2. How narratives of the Conquest are more complex than they are often portrayed
  3. How the content of histories of Conquest are dependent on who is telling them (victor or vanquished, minorities)

Students will garner:

  1. An appreciation for how modern retellings of an historical event may be anachronistic (and reflect the values, beliefs and concerns of the present)
  2. An appreciation for the importance of translation as a driving force of intercultural exchange that stimulates intellectual and cultural change and development
  3. An appreciation for the difference between respectful coexistence and assimilation.