Sequence 3: Expulsions

Learning Sequence Three: Expulsions

Subject Area: Social Studies, History, Critical Inquiry, Anti-Discrimination Education

Level: Grade 10-1

Duration: One 50 minute class period

Learning Outcomes:

Students will understand the following:

  1. How to uncover the conditions of intolerance and expulsions in Medieval Spain
  2. The variety of experiences had by Muslims and Jews during the Reconquista and after
  3. The parallels between Iberian narratives of (re)conquest and colonization, and native-settler stories in Canada

Students will garner:

  1. An appreciation of this first major instance of Muslims living in non-Muslim lands and the historical inheritances from it to the modern moment
  2. An appreciation for how literature and media shaped popular opinions about Muslims
  3. An understanding about the similarities between Judeophobia and Islamophobia as they play out historically