Sequence 2: Coexistence

Learning Sequence Two: Convivencia

Subject Area: Social Studies, History, Critical Inquiry, Literature, Anti-Discrimination Education

Level: Grade 10-1

Duration: Three 50 minute class periods

Learning Outcomes:

Students will understand the following:

  1. How coexistence is won through hard work and purposeful cooperation
  2. How coexistence and mutual respect can lead to intercultural exchange and prosperity
  3. How minorities can thrive in positions of power and social prestige while contributing to their communities and society at large

Students will garner:

  1. An appreciation for Europe’s shared intellectual heritage and the incredible cultural accomplishments of coexistence
  2. An appreciation for the complexities and varying understandings of coexistence as well as a well-developed sense of the importance of studying what elements create coexistence
  3. An appreciation for how historical examples of coexistence live on symbolically in memory